Who We Are

Establishing the first principal directive within First Nations for above motioned entities is an all-inclusive Public Safety Awareness Strategy and the Base of our association, our target demographic is community members, workers, supervisors and managers;

Connecting site-specific professionals to grassroots professionals is one of the vital services we offer. This engagement of awareness will in turn reflect using prescribed training systems, and management principles for control of hazards and to facilitate an injury- free workplace;

Training members on best practices, and policy development will show due diligence and will meet the needs of government and workers personal liabilities. This in-turn will establish a pathway to controlling unneeded incidents and accidents in these organizations and Communities.

What We Do

The Saskatchewan First Nation Safety Association will service 74 First Nations communities in Saskatchewan.The main Objective is to develop and furthermore integrate Occupational Health & Safety & Risk Management strategies and awareness campaigns into First Nation communities and Organizations.

General Courses


Basic Safety

Entry Level Course


Empowering First Nations communities through supporting an injury-free lifestyle; supported by the belief that well informed communities defining, and recapturing the philosophy of Building Communities Safely.


To develop a Public Safety Awareness Campaign for employers, employees and community members engaged in Work, Family, and Play activities. This will in-turn reduce human and financial losses associated with public and workers Occupational Health & Safety prevention.

5 Guiding Principles

Public Safety Awareness







Board Members

Our Leadership

Toby Desnomie

Founder- President & Chief Executive Officer

Founder of Saskatchewan First Nations Safety Association Well, let me first say that I am enthusiastic to represent Saskatchewan First Nation Safety Association as the Chief Executive Officer. We are a new organization in its preliminary start-up phase; we have a passionate board of Directors that are egger to take on the overwhelming task of generating public awareness, as well as develop strategic plans to advance the safety awareness of communities in Saskatchewan’s First Nations. As a First Nation person from Peepeekisis and currently living, I take pride in our culture and way of life that brings all Nations together in a positive way.

A little about who is Toby Desnomie, I have been working for First Nation communities as a technician, manager and coordinator for over 20 years. Working alongside many wonderful mentors, I had a unique advantage to advocate on behalf of workers in every opportunity that was presented to me. My education and career are a genuine reflection of my journey towards building awareness and safe communities. So when this opportunity presented itself to me, it was an appropriate fit. As a National Construction Safety Officer Instructor with the Saskatchewan Construction Safety Association, allowed me to see firsthand what safety can do to help organizations thrive.

Our Association will service 74 First Nations communities in Saskatchewan, as well as 11 Tribal Councils that represent treaty territories in Saskatchewan as well, First Nation Business, and organizations on and off Crown Land. The main Objective is to develop and furthermore integrate Occupational Health & Safety & Risk Management strategies to the above members.

Well, I am excited to say the least in this opportunity to work with all our First Nations in some capacity thank you for your support and be safe out there!


To learn more about how to become a member of the Saskatchewan First Nations Association, please contact safecommunities@sfnsa.ca on the contact information listed on the website.